My name is Sodiq.

Technology and all that it has come to offer amazes me. The way within a short time it has revolutionized our world and made it a global village interests me! Could anyone have imagined ten years ago that big businesses would adopt Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp today? Now almost every company has realized the unimaginable potentials of social media.

How about more fascinating stuff like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things? All of these appear to have come too soon. And the world should prepare for more of such technological advancements in the future.

However fabulous all of these new inventions may sound, I am not unaware of their disadvantages. For instance, Microsoft observed that our attention span has drastically reduced to 8 seconds today, very different from its 12 seconds in 2000. Now our attention span is lesser than that of a goldfish.

Just as enthusiastic I am about advancements in technology, I am also aware of its side effects, which means I have a balanced approach to things. This I am ready to bring into your business.

I am ready to tap into the versatility of my knowledge in the niche and ready to give you the very best of content that will increase your sales and boost your ROI. I will create only content that your readers will not only react to but will also take the action you want them to take.

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Here Is What Our Happy Clients Are Saying



“I have been working with Mr. Sodiq for over a year now. I stuck with him for all my article writing jobs because he is versatile, diligent and always deliver before agreed time. Even when I give topics in new terrain which he is not used to, he uses his research and prolific writing skills to deliver excellent contents. I recommend him to any one looking for real and quality writing and research jobs.”

Oluwaseyi Ilubanwo

Creative Director, Leads Media Ltd.